“That one has some notions”

Us Irish women are gas. We love buying nice things for ourselves or for our homes and families. We like going to new places and doing different things. We also love to document this lovely ‘stuff’ on social media and, as our mothers’ would probably put it, we love “showing off”.

We all have “notions”.

And that is a good thing.

With this site I hope to create a happy space where notions can be shared and enjoyed. Life is busy enough and short enough as it is, without berating ourselves for enjoying the little (or big!) things in life that bring us joy.

Not all notions cost money. For me, notions are the flights of fancy that we take to lighten the load of busy lives. Let’s reclaim notions for ourselves and own them.

I’m chock-full of notions and will be sharing my days and notions on this site and over on my Instagram (@notions.ie) and Facebook.

You can expect content like lifestyle, beauty, home and event planning as well as any and all notions that take my fancy.

I want to connect a community of notion-filled, happy people who just find joy in the journey that is life.